Closure is coming to Steam & PAX

2012-08-27 15:34:03 by Starogre

Our PSN puzzle game hit Closure is coming to Steam (PC+Mac) on September 7th for only $9.99 (5 less than PSN)! Make sure to pick it up!

We'll also have it available to play at PAX Prime again this year, so stop on by booth #783 in the Indie MegaBooth section (wing :P )!

Here is a new trailer for the Steam launch!

This version has unlockable dev commentary mode and 1080p HD resolution! (As opposed to PS3's 720p)

Please share it with your friends! A Steam page should be up soon. This game originated on Newgrounds and it's come a long way because of it!

PS. thanks for the plug on front page Tom ^^;


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2012-08-27 18:43:57

Woot! Congrats guys!

Starogre responds:

thanks buddy!!!


2012-08-27 21:12:03

Cant wait 2 buy will play until beat

Starogre responds:

thanks buddy!!


2012-08-28 00:14:18

I read the title wrongly...
I thought steam was closing... I was freaking out....
anyways... CONGRATULATIONS! (gosh that's a big to spell...)

Starogre responds:

thanks buddy!


2012-08-28 01:57:25

Im tired of meat boy and closure. Make a new game soon plox.

Starogre responds:

oh believe me i know how you feel


2012-09-10 00:39:00

Beat the miner/engineer guy's levels and so far it's fantastic. Great game!