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looks great on my 4K TV nice work Luis

Luis responds:

What tv u got?

inspiring. have to make sure to play all these games now

nice, you ended up submitting it :D so pretty *_*

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i like this game

you can tell the amount of effort put into it. soooo many animations and backgrounds. plus all the levels and the level designs, the balancing and the enemies. not to mention so many different bosses.

it's a fun game, the glitches didn't do anything that stunted me or held me back so i don't really care about that. there could be a bit more atmosphere shift between the terrain foreground and the background. I notice you outline a lot in black. When there's a background object outlined in black AND a walkable object outlined in black, it can be a bit confusing at times but the levels were simple enough that it didn't give me too much trouble.

the level 5 boss is pretty hard in my opinion, i couldn't pass that point, but nevertheless, i had fun playing it. good control scheme too, i like that

i love you

i love you guys

awesome work guys

i like all the UI designs. very professional looking

the bosses are a little tough considering you don't know what they are going to do until a couple tries in, but i'm glad you put bosses in to change it up from gunning down multiple characters in the other levels etc.

the game controls very well but needs multiple attempts to learn how fast everything moves, the timing of the enemies' weapons, and the general other mechanics of the game. because i had to retry certain levels a good amount of times, it would have been useful i think to be able to have the option to restart the level more quickly.

overall it's a great idea, i think it could potentially be executed better if there were more and different kinds of levels but given the timeframe it is an excellent game. you should definitely try expanding on it with difference mechanics and attacks, along with visible projections of enemy paths (if you were to add more levels with an easier curve)

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this sounds like Friday

sounds like something out of paper mario!


dude thinking were you what?

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i like this post, cool drawings!

i like the shadow

it's pretty good but his pecs are bigger in real life

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