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Is the next movie 7 years in the making?

I liked it. It was enjoyable, but short. And I don't mean short in the duration of the film, but in the story. I felt like the story started out as a mystery and then there was some filler, and then the ending - the answer to what the character is doing. I don't feel like there was a solid beginning or middle to the storyline. Maybe if you had some hints as to who the character is, or proposed a problem/solution the character tried and failed at it would be more interesting. It was sort of straightforward.

I liked the art style and you put a ton of work into this and it shows. I would have liked a couple better backgrounds, or maybe a couple crossfades to show movement in them. Like the overview of the carnival near the end seemed a little sloppy and simple and it looked a bit rushed.

The animation was decent for what it was, it looked hard to do because of the medium you chose. I think some poses and movements were a bit awkward and the timings could have been better but it got the idea across well.

Music helped the atmosphere.

Overall, I did like it, but I think the low score you spoke of is a result of a seemingly incomplete story and a couple of the rushed illustrations. It definitely looks like the beginning had a lot more work put into it than the end.

Good work, hope to see your next film!

DJJ-asshole responds:

Thanks for the critique, I appreciate your thoughts.

To be honest, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I made a movie without a concrete plan, but straightened the story at the end. There is no concrete message, nor any linear story to it. That's why it felt like I left the viewer hanging in there. Nevertheless, I agree with the sloppy story telling.

The ending wasn't rushed at all, I planned that from the beginning already, though it might feel like it, because it's a still image. I couldn't think of any other way to convey it better though.

As for the animation, I can honestly say that I think it's one of my best animation, though a lot of people call it "just decent". If you pay attention to the details, you can see my physics are way better than it used to be, but I kind of get why people think it's okay / bad. I animated on threes, meaning that I used an average of 8 keyframes per second. Even though not a lot of people dig that kind of style, I do not think it matters quality-wise. And I certainly don't think this is one of the average animations on the portal. By the way, about the awkward poses of the panda, I had a good version of it, as in, a realistic pose of how one should hold a hammer. But I didn't like it, because that's what everyone would do. I wanted to make something messy and unorthodox, hence the weird hammer holding.

But in the end, I do understand that it's an abstract story and it could be conveyed in a better way. So again, thanks for the review.

I must say your art style is very good. I like the colors, the character designs, and the lighting. Background art was pretty cool too!

As for the animation, I thought it was good for the most part, but the timing of the movements are off. The key poses of the characters worked, but you have to space the poses out so the timing is more real. For example, when he got out from under the bed and did the little sway (side view, looking left), it was too quick. Space the key poses out more on the timeline so that you have more in-betweens to lengthen the motions.

The In-betweens in this were just okay, i thought as they depended on good key frames. A few of them are a bit sloppy, but with cleaner line work and more thought put into the spacing and timing of the key pose frames, it should be a lot better.

As for the music, please dear lord, take it out and put something else in. Don't use synth pop music with lyrics for your animation. I want the story to be told through the video, not Owl City yelling in my ear. The track is too upbeat throughout the whole thing and it just made me want to groove to the music, not be told a story. It doesn't fit when you know you have to fade the music out part-way through the song suddenly when the credits come. Unless it's a music video, like for the whole song, and the pacing of the animation matches the pacing of the music, it just doesn't work, sorry.

Like I said, love the style, just work on the timing of the key poses and really think about how long each movement would take, and adjust those key poses accordingly before adding in-betweens.

fantasticmissfox responds:

Really Helpful feedback here, thanks a lot for this! Timing is definitely something I have to work on and something I admittedly struggled with creating this, I'll keep practicing and studying, my summer goal is to study and animate sequences of movement to improve on this :)
As for the music, I completely understand and agree with what you're saying by the animation telling the story instead, with my next animation I'll keep a better eye on tracks and search around a bit more for more suitable material. Thanks once again for the very helpful feedback! :)

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i like this game

you can tell the amount of effort put into it. soooo many animations and backgrounds. plus all the levels and the level designs, the balancing and the enemies. not to mention so many different bosses.

it's a fun game, the glitches didn't do anything that stunted me or held me back so i don't really care about that. there could be a bit more atmosphere shift between the terrain foreground and the background. I notice you outline a lot in black. When there's a background object outlined in black AND a walkable object outlined in black, it can be a bit confusing at times but the levels were simple enough that it didn't give me too much trouble.

the level 5 boss is pretty hard in my opinion, i couldn't pass that point, but nevertheless, i had fun playing it. good control scheme too, i like that

i love you

i love you guys

awesome work guys

i like all the UI designs. very professional looking

the bosses are a little tough considering you don't know what they are going to do until a couple tries in, but i'm glad you put bosses in to change it up from gunning down multiple characters in the other levels etc.

the game controls very well but needs multiple attempts to learn how fast everything moves, the timing of the enemies' weapons, and the general other mechanics of the game. because i had to retry certain levels a good amount of times, it would have been useful i think to be able to have the option to restart the level more quickly.

overall it's a great idea, i think it could potentially be executed better if there were more and different kinds of levels but given the timeframe it is an excellent game. you should definitely try expanding on it with difference mechanics and attacks, along with visible projections of enemy paths (if you were to add more levels with an easier curve)

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dude thinking were you what?


i love the tribe vibe. it's awesome and badass with lots of different sounds. i'll add it to my collection of 'music i listen to for artistic inspiration'

quite nice

i like it for the most part, though it seems chaotic at times. i think its the sudden start and stop of the percussion track and how powerful it is. it could probably be given the spotlight a bit more with some tweaking to have it stand out yet not clash with the interesting melody you have there.

the piano is a nice touch and its nice to hear some classical compositions nowadays. let me know when your next track is out too!

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holy shit man

i love this o_o :D

man thats a droopy face

i like how he's still smiling even though half the muscles in his face are dying

i also enjoy the big ass nose i just want to honk that shit

looks like you should be animating this since its on animation paper

CoolDrMoney responds:

I got real bored one animating night and I drew this guy so there

the american version of pokemon


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