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really sad

Posted by Starogre - July 3rd, 2017

I wasn't aware Newgrounds mods were taking down music videos :(

3 of my best animations I made back in the day were taken down because of no reason sent to me. RIP Gaia Destruction and Over The Hills and Nightwish Collab. Those were my most impressive projects as a teen and I can no longer show how great they were back in the day. 

They are on this page of my old website if anyone wants to watch them as a memorial service. Made over a decade ago. http://www.starogre.com/movies.php

I accessed them through my trophies but got the angry faic saying mods deleted them. Why were they deleted? I didn't know things got deleted here because of copyrights similar to youtube. How is Newgrounds supposed to be a bank of internet history if unmonetized things are getting deleted?

This is all assuming it's because of copyrights and not something else. What are the mods doing?



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Might be copyrighted music. The site isn't 100% funded by supporters yet, and as a result advertisers still pay to have ads play on the site. Most advertisers won't post ads if there is risk of copyright infringement so videos containing music that isn't licensed have been getting taken down

Tom posted a while back about a major media corp sending a threatening letter about copyrighted music, so he was forced to go on a crusade to delete offending entries (or in some cases replace the audio with a legal version).

What BoMToons said, our legal trouble was heating up late last year in the music licensing department. The music licensing agencies don't share the same interests as the record labels, they generate a billion dollars a year and their sole purpose is to collect royalties (including minimums if revenue doesn't cover it) wherever music is performed. As a result NG had to crack down on unlicensed music wherever we could find it - the music videos category became a big target.

The content hasn't been permanently deleted, theoretically it could come back in < 100 years but for now NG is more concerned with being around for the next 10.

Yeah I thought that might be the case :( Super understandable. It was scary having not received a message about it, is all

You are forgetting one very important thing when comparing Newgrounds to YouTube.

YouTube is run by Google, a company with billions of dollars to its name, and loads of connections. Practically everyone, bar a small subsection of the population, uses it. Anyone up there in the music industry uses it. By virtue of that, Google is able to transfer the licensing funds to whoever it owes money to, when someone infringes copyright. It is also able to set up revenue schemes to the rightful owners when, say, someone does a nonprofit cover of a song that already exists.

Newgrounds is run by people like you and me. This site has been as indie as it was in the beginning. If someone sues Google, they could easily sue successfully because Google have deep pockets. Newgrounds does not. If anyone sues Newgrounds over copyright infringement, however slight, we are going to be damaged more than Google ever is.

So, before you start getting angry at the mods or the staff, maybe think about that first of all.

It is just weird UX to not send a message about content being taken down to a user, that's all. I get review notifications when a review is deleted but not when my featured animations of years past get taken down. So it's a bit jarring

Another idea could be to allow the author to at least see it so they can download the .swf file for backup

I had started bulk-emailing people about removals but I never finished with notifying everyone... Wasn't sleeping much and was super depressed & anxious. :(


Will you work on flash movies and Super Mario World: BEP Episoade 2?

Yep rewriting the script now. What should it be about?

Good! How much is percentage on Super Mario World: BEP Episode 2?

about 55%, what do you think the rest of the story should be?

When will be done Episode 2? How much is Percentage?

about 56%. Could you help with the Voice Acting? I was thinking Leonardo DiCaprio for Luigi

How much is now % on BEP 2?

Hmm probably like 58%. I'm currently looking for voice actors. Particularly from Guardians of the Galaxy. They were good

It's still 58% Super Mario World BEP 2?